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Doctor Play Set
Ended: Jan 20, 2013 11:59 pm

Product Review


My son recently received the Pretend and Play Doctor Set by Learning Resources, and after watching him play with the tools, we really think he wants to become a doctor.


This kit contains a large plastic "briefcase" with 19 pieces for playing doctor. There's a kidney dish, a beeper, a telephone, glasses, a thermometer, bandaids, a syringe, a stethoscope with sounds, a blood pressure monitor, and a number of other utensils that make pretending to be a doctor a ton of fun and educational for any child. My son constantly asks me to tell him what each tool does, so that he is better prepared for his future as an MD or just when he visits the doctor the next time around. And he loves it when we read to him what the little doctor's name tag says.

We've been through a number of doctor's kits at home, and quite honestly, this is the one that has held up the best. The extra large foldable carrying case beats other hard cases that snap and break at the corners, and it is better build quality than softer cases. The super large compartment also accommodates the many tools of the doctor (and extra toys, if your little doctor so inclines), all of which amplify the educational experience for learning about medicine and teaching a child what is normally expected at the doctor.


I really love the product variety at Learning Resources and their quality, which I can say after owning a few of their toys, is quite good. They provide great tools for children of all ages, both for educators and for parents. The Pretend and Play Doctor Set is just one of their hundreds of products that encourage creative play, active play, discovery, and exploration.

All in all, this is a great toy set from a great company.


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matt pohlman

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