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Step2 Deluxe Workshop
Ended: Dec 4, 2012 11:59 pm

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When it comes to children's toys, Step2 provides high quality products for casual and heavy use. The craftsmanship on their small and large toys means these products have a long life, which is definitely great when you have lots of children. I have been a recipient of hand me down toys from Step2 and all of them are in stellar condition.

I was able to get my hands on the Step2 Deluxe Workshop and had my three year old son test out the product. My son loves it and is having a great time working with all the various knick knacks attached to the product.



step2 deluxe product


For the most part, assembly was a breeze. It is easy for one person to do most of it, though you may need a hand of a second responsible adult for some of the harder steps, such as screwing in the pieces and holding them still to ensure all adjacent parts are securely fastened. Like most Step2 products, the material is a lightweight hard plastic and the product is large but realtively easy to transport. (There's no risk, for example, of scratching your floor when moving the product around.) The only thing that we had trouble with was the attachment for the vacuum tube on the right hand side of the play area. The holes were too small and the black piece was not able to be pushed in (and three adults tried!). Ultimately, we used a screwdriver to open the holes just a little more. On the plus side, this challenge we encountered shows you exactly how well made the product is. Step2 doesn't skimp on quality and we weren't able to fiddle with the item to get it in there. The items are pretty kid proof; I can't envision a child breaking it!


My son was literally impossible to restrain when we built the product. But once it was fully assembled, he had a great time using the battery-operated drill and pretending to be both like mommy and daddy! We've also had to remind him to turn off the light above the workshop a few times! It's been a few weeks since we assembled the product and he's still playing with it every single day.


The product comes with foam pieces that are intended to use for the workshop component. You can build things like a bird house and an airplane. It also comes with large red screws (pictured below). As you can see, they're substantially larger than the screws they arrive with for assembly.




step2 deluxe



All in all, the Deluxe Workshop will provide hours of entertainment for young boys (and girls) who love the concept of DIY (do it yourself). It's a great product and Step2 never ceases to impress with its fun and exciting products.


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Suzanne Constein

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