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ZAGG $100 Gift Card
Ended: Sep 18, 2012 11:59 pm

Protection should never be taken lightly!

ZAGG is one of the leading companies in the world when it comes to protecting your electronics. They are a publicly traded company (NasdaqBB: ZAGG) and have over 200 employees. Sales of the invisibleSHIELD, their top product, have topped the 7 million dollar mark. What makes ZAGG so special is that their shield eliminates the need for bulky cases that everyone hates to carry around.


ZAGG has launched a brand new product called the invisibleSHIELD EXTREME. It's designed to protect your screen from breaking and it is shock resistant. This protective film is designed to guard against scratches and has a lifetime guarantee.


ZAGG protective films are available for the iPhone 5 so make sure you get protection now for the iPhone 5 you might win!

If 2000 people enter to win this giveaway we will upgrade the giveaway to...

ZAGG $250 Gift Card

That's a whole lot of protection!


If enough people enter this giveaway, ZAGG will upgrade the prize to a $250 Gift Card which will allow the winner to purchase a whole lot of protection for their electronics. You could buy a case and protective screen for your iPad as well as a protective screen for the iPhone 5 and still have money left over! This is one upgrade that should make you wanna scream out 'ZAGG' to the world.


Are you a winner? to claim your prize.

Gloria Luongo

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