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Map Ball (2 winners)
Ended: Sep 7, 2012 11:59 pm

You haven't seen origami like this!


Kerry Remp doesn't do origami for a living. He makes origami pieces because he likes to bring his creative juices out in a form that makes the world a better place. Origami is not just a cool word (It really is though) or just some hobby. It can also be used as a really nice decoration. The kits and decorations on the Folding 4 U website are mind blowing. Kerry's snake in the grass piece is literally a work of art and I know some on you will want it (I do). Kerry also offers classes that will teach you how to make origami yourself.


If you are looking for some art that is original and will make you stand out from the crowd, visit Folding 4 U now!

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90 piece Map Ball (2 winners)

I dont know how he does it!


If we get enough entrants we'll upgrade this piece to a 90 piece map ball which is even more amazing than the 30 piece map ball. You'll have a decoration that people will gawk at.


I once gawked at a decoration. It was a ceramic model of Abu from Alladin. I love that little guy. Who else knows a monkey that's cooler than him? Nobody, because it's not possible.


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Susan Molina
Mathew Pham

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