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Customized Hoodie & Water Bottle
Ended: Sep 4, 2012 11:59 pm

These hoodies are funky! (in a good way)

It's not a love shack but you will love their products. With so many different products to customize, this should be your go to web store for giving products your personal touch. You can customize t-shirts, polos, hoodies, water bottles, bags, iphone cases, bibs, underwear, french horns, etc. (I might be kidding about those french horns). If one of these products sounds good then this is the shop for you. They also have a great customization preview that allows you to customize the products in so many ways. They bring a little change into your life so all clothes arent the same. Who doesnt like a little customization?
Well I guess I can think of a few people that don't like change:
- Doug Funny (he always wore the same outfit but had a closet full of the same outfit)
- The Rugrats (I hope they at least changed their diapers)
- Mr. Rogers (he always did the same thing when he came inside his house)
- Apple (Lets not get into this one, it might upset some people)
Change is good. Move away from a uniformed world!

If 1500 people enter to win this giveaway we will upgrade the giveaway to...

Customized Messenger Bag

Now you can be a customized messenger!

Now we can't actually customize you. Well, I guess we could. I mean, plastic surgery is technically customizing someone's body to fit their needs (or wants). So maybe you can be a customized messenger. But I wouldnt advise it. I think for now you should just try to win this customized bag. Check out the site and plan your messenger bag. Send it to us we'd love to see it.


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Diane Brimmer

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