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Heartbeats Earphones
Ended: Sep 2, 2012 11:59 pm

Designed by Lady Gaga, so you know they're good!

What do you get when you mix Lady Gaga and Dr. Dre? Wait, I dont wanna see that. But I do wanna get me a pair of these Heartbeats headphones designed by Lady Gaga. These are actually pretty tame for Gaga. I was thinking they would have a big egg on them wrapped in leather with cream cheese on them or something. Or maybe it would be a piece of human skin wrapped in raw meat. Either way, I'm happy that Dr. Dre took the Gaga out of the Lady!

If 2000 people enter to win this giveaway we will upgrade the giveaway to...

Beats Solo HD Headphones

You never heard HD unless you've heard it through a pair of these!

Dr. Dre knows how to treat your ears and that makes sense because he is a doctor. Maybe not the kind of doctor that treats your ears but he is a doctor. That has gotta mean something right? If I put doctor in front of my name I have to know something dont I? The title "Dr. Shortbeard" would mean that I know everything about contests and giveaways. Maybe it's time for a name change.


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Heather Harris

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