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Case of Slawsa Original!
Ended: Sep 3, 2012 11:59 pm


No longer will you BORE friends and family at your fall tailgate with traditional condiments.  Give them something to talk about. Luckily, Slawsa was invented and brats and hotdogs can rejoice!  But seriously, you can put it this stuff on just about everything...tubular meats (ha, ha, snort, I said tubular meats), BBQ, fish, tacos, eggs, as a dip for tortilla chips...heck, I put Slawsa on ice cream.  
Just kidding! Or, am I?

If 1500 people enter to win this giveaway we will upgrade the giveaway to...

include a Slawsa

Everyone wants Slawsa on their t-shirt!


Well, I mean the name Slawsa. You don't actually want Slawsa on your t-shirt. It might stain your shirt or something. Unless you're doing a Slawsa eating contest or something. Then you're pretty much guaranteed to get some Slawsa on your t-shirt. Unless you're not wearing a t-shirt because it's probably best to wear some ragged clothing or something you don't like. Too much thinking. Good Luck!


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Helen Li

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