Most Common Mistakes when Running a Giveaway

The relationship between a marketing professional and the public isn’t that much different from the relationship between significant others.  With Valentine’s Day just past, we are well aware of the fact that people are willing to invest in all kinds of gifts to make a partner feel special.

Online giveaways and promotions aren’t much different from chocolate and flowers.  However, if you forget your honey’s favorite type of flower or get the wrong flavor of candy, you might be in trouble.  Likewise, if done improperly, a giveaway marketing campaign can lose its effectiveness.

Here are six mistakes to avoid when implementing an online giveaway.

1.  Giving Generic Prizes

Everyone loves free stuff.  That is why giveaways are so popular.  However, if you give the wrong free stuff away, it will be difficult to distinguish between the prospective clients and the money-hungry visitors.

Instead of cookie-cutter giveaway items, use custom things that will appeal to your target audience.  For example, if you own a weight loss company, give coupons for a weight loss app instead of an iPhone.

2.  Being Too Vague

The primary component of a giveaway is a strong call to action.  You want participants to do something – subscribe, buy, like, etc.  Therefore, it is important to have a clear and concise call to action.  Tell them exactly what you want them to do.

3.  Ignoring Your Landing Page Design

You may think visitors will be so attracted to your fabulous prize they won’t notice the shoddy design of the landing page used to get them what they want.  However, you couldn’t be more wrong.

If you want to win loyal customers, you need to present a professional front at all levels of the interaction.  That means you nix the lame template homepage and opt for a nice interface that is user-friendly.

4.  Not Reading the Fine Print

Facebook has quickly become the go-to source of online giveaways.  Unfortunately, a great many of those promotions go against Facebook’s rules and regulations.

Facebook has restrictions over what you can ask a participant to do.  This includes things like posting to a wall, commenting on a post, or liking a post or image.  Check out their promotion guidelines for more information.

5.  Letting Someone Else Promote Your Giveaway

Many businesses use a third-party to help with their giveaway.  If you choose to go this route, be sure to stay involved in the process.  Don’t rely on the publisher of the giveaway to do all the promoting.  Send out emails.  Share information on social networks.  Don’t sit back and let someone else do the important part.

6.  Being Ordinary

Running a giveaway that lasts too long or offers too many items is a bad idea.  Participants are drawn to rare and limited editions.  Don’t undermine your marketing campaign by turning your special offer into something ordinary.

Guest author Jessica Velasco is a marketing professional.  She has helped various clients with their efforts to efforts to attract more visitors and increase their online presence. 

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