How to Run an Effective Promotional Online Giveaway

Everybody loves the thrill of winning something.  Why not use this thrill and excitement for the promotion of your own site?  Running an online promotional giveaway is a great way to get people to your site and drum up some excitement for your products.

There are no down sides to having a giveaway because everyone can benefit.  They are fun to participate in, and you’ll have fun organizing it.  Setting up an online giveaway is very straightforward.  A giveaway can get out of control and lose its effectiveness if not carried out properly though.  Follow the steps below to see how easy it is to set up an effective online giveaway.

You Won!

What will the prize be for your competition?  This is a good place to begin in your development of your giveaway.  The prize will determine if your giveaway is a success or a failure.  Put yourself in your audience’s shoes.  What would you want to win?  What would you find to be valuable?

Choose a prize that anyone can use, like a gift card.  Electronics are always a good choice too.  Who would say no to a tablet or e-reader?!  Even if your winner owns a tablet already, they will still be over the moon at winning another one.

Perhaps you have a prize that is very original – this is the best option.  This could be a work of art or a unique piece of furniture.  These prizes are great because they will catch your readers’ eye and get them interested.

As for the value of your prize, set a benchmark value of $50 or more.  Make it worth your readers’ time to enter your giveaway.

Your Goal

After coming up with a great prize, think about why you are setting up and running this giveaway.  What is your goal?  Are you trying to promote one of your products?  Are you trying to increase your site’s traffic?  Or are you just trying to reward your readers?

The best online giveaways always do best when they are somehow connected with a product or some content that you are trying to promote.  Even if you just want to give back to your faithful readers, it doesn’t hurt to promote your site in some way in the process.

Promotion and More Promotion

Giveaways are promotion.  You have to promote your giveaways first though.  Giveaways let you reach new readers at a wider scale and in ways that your traditional means of promotion can’t.

Social media is the place to start your giveaway promotion.  Use your status updates and tweets to spread the news about your giveaway.  Use email blasts, newsletters and other bloggers to get the word out as well.

Don’t forget to add a sense of urgency to your promotion.  People will respond more quickly if there is a deadline that is quickly approaching.


Wrap your giveaway up quickly before people start losing interest.  Announce the winner as soon as possible and spread the word about who won.  Try to make it personal by getting the winner to pose for a picture with the prize.  Many are skeptical that actual people win prizes and this gesture will show that your giveaways are real and legitimate.

Now that you have a new batch of readers that have dropped by your site, cultivate their interest in your site.  Make them feel that even though they didn’t win the prize they still get something.  You could give them a discount code or news of a future giveaway.  This will give them some incentive to keep an eye on your website.


Are you ready to inject your site with some new excitement and new readers?  Try running an effective online giveaway!

Guest author Greg Smith works for a local marketing firm.  He recently helped one of his clients with an online giveaway as an attempt to boost readership on their Tampa hair transplantation blog,

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