How to Run a Video Contest

If you are looking for a great way to bring some more traffic and potential customers to your site, or to bring awareness to a product or brand, video contests are just the ticket.  Major brands have quickly caught onto this trend.  Prizes are awarded to get more people to participate.  These prizes usually come in the form of a popular gadget or one of your own products.  Read below to learn how you can create an online video contest.

Decide if a Contest Works for You

Do you have a brand or product that would lend itself well to an online video contest?  Video contests work best if there is an audience base already but will do well to enhance and grow the base.  If you are trying to repair or even build loyalty from scratch, an online video contest will be a shot in the dark.

Reasons to get a Contest Going

Your audience will be excited by video submissions made by their peers.  They will feel involved and connected as a consumer to your product and brand.  Harness this energy that comes with this type of video promotion.

Think young, when getting an online video contest going.  Video contests will give your brand a hipper look and give your product a youthful charm.  It doesn’t matter if your audience does not fall into the ‘young’ category.  It will, at the very least, make them feel young.

You will enjoy the savings by running an online video contest.  Instead of making costly advertisements, these videos will promote your product or brand, will have as many impressions, and won’t cost you a dime.

Running the Contest

It won’t take a lot of time to get the contest up and running.  Expect to invest a handful of days if one or two people are on the job.

Make sure you have clear objectives before getting the contest off the ground.  The question “what do I want to get out of this video contest” should always be at the forefront of your thoughts and plans.

When the videos do start to roll in, you should review what has been submitted.

Promoting Your Contest

Your prize is going to play a key role in the promotion of your contest, so choose wisely.  Everyone loves money and gift cards.  Another great idea is to think of a prize that is unique and can’t be bought on their own.  If you can’t decide, cash is always a great fall back.

Send out an email blast about your contest and highlight your prize.  Showcase the contest on your main website and through social media groups like Facebook.

Expected Cost

The cost of running an online video contest varies.  You could stick to your own social media pages and website and use a product from your own company.  Or you could go all out and create a website dedicated to the contest for marketing purposes.

Contest Tips

What are you going to do once the contest is over?  Don’t let the people who submitted videos get away.  Keep them interested.  Make them feel like they won something even though they didn’t get the grand prize.  You could give the contestants coupons, vouchers, or discounts on your company’s products.

Think about how the winning video will be chosen.  Will it be chosen by you, a panel, or by the viewers?

Give clear instructions and rules about the contest.  There should be no grey area as to the terms and conditions of the contest.  Include official rules, and have a lawyer look your contest over just to be safe.  For more information on the legalities of online promotions, check out this article.


Video contests are great ways to promote your products and brands.  Be involved in the contest and show that you are interested in the videos.  Don’t let the contest drag on too long, and make sure you award the prize as soon as possible.  A successful online video contest is great for business and a lot of fun.  Ready to roll?


Guest author Allen Green works for a chiropractor in Kissimmee – click here to learn more.  Chiropractors don’t usually do a lot of marketing for their services.  However, Allen works for a young doctor who insists chiropractic care has gotten a bad rap.  So, Allen is helping his employer launch a video contest for their chiropractic clinic.  They have learned a lot through the process and eager to share their tips with others!

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