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Should Your Business Provide the Prize for a Blog Giveaway?

The internet is saturated with blogs, and blog owners are always trying to find ways to increase the traffic to their site.  The latest and greatest way to get traffic flowing to their beloved blogs is to have giveaways.

Unless the blog owner already has a product to give away, they will go in search of worthy prizes.  If your business has plenty of popular products, you might be approached to supply a giveaway prize.  Should you participate?

Stealing the Show

While thinking through the possibility of providing an item for an online giveaway, think about this.  The prize usually dominates the show.  The blog owner is only worried about getting more traffic and loyal readers.  A fair amount of the giveaway participants are only worried about the free prize!

Right off the bat, you have the better end of the deal.  At least in the beginning, participants are more interested in what you have to offer than what the blog has to offer.

Determining if Your Products Are Right for the Blog

In order for both parties to be successful, you should have some common ground with the blog.  Sure, you have the potential to get great exposure and free advertising out of the deal.  But that only applies to readers who fall within your target client base.  If the product you are giving away does not mesh with the blog, people will be confused and will fail to see any connection – or reason to enter.  If you sell baby clothes, there isn’t much point offering a prize to a retirement blog!

Do Some Research

When approached to provide a product for a giveaway, think things over before agreeing.  Do some homework and research on the blog.  What is the blog about?  What kind of people are following the blog?  Check to see how active the blog is by way of frequency of posting and amount of comments.  Does the blog look fresh and attractive, or is it stale and not very user friendly?


Don’t settle with just giving a product to a blogger.  Ask the blogger to publish not only your company name, but all of your social media information too.  Don’t be afraid to push a little; ask for free advertisement or sponsorship on the blog for awhile.

Another important point to consider is that, as the company owner, you should be the one that ships the item to the winner.  Don’t send the product to the blogger; you have no way of knowing if the item will ever get sent to the winner.  If you ship it, you can also send some promo materials, coupons, and other discounts.

Promote the Giveaway Yourself

After you have agreed to give a product for a giveaway, promote the giveaway on your own sites and social media.  You methods of promotion may just be greater than the blogger’s means of promotion.  Get people excited about the giveaway, and in turn you will be promoting yourself.

An online giveaway might be just the ticket to get yourself on the map.  Don’t just agree to every promotion you are asked to participate in. Take the time to do some research and determine if it is a good marketing endeavor for you too.

Do you have any tips or experiences about blog giveaways?


Guest author Greg Smith works for a site that sells printable parlay cards –  He was recently approached by a blog to offer free products for an online giveaway.  Since the site was for women’s hair care products, he had to pass.  The experience encouraged him to share some useful tips with others.