Increase Sales With A Viral Giveaway Promotion

MyFreebeez is a web-based tool that lets you quickly and easily create irresistible giveaway promotions that attract new customers, generate buzz, and increase sales.

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Stand up and get noticed

In an overcrowded marketplace that’s already filled with noise and clutter, hoping your products get noticed is little more than wishful thinking.

Brian Honigman, Ecko

“MyFreebeez stands out as an ideal tool for businesses of all sizes trying to promote themselves in an engaging way.”

Chris London, Funky T-Shack

“The contest was a great success building quality traffic to our site, generating a boost in sales as well as providing a nice increase in our email marketing list and facebook fans.”

A proven approach to growing your brand virally

For decades, retail stores have understood the power of free samples—which have been shown to boost sales by an average of 475% in just one day!

And 96% of consumers who have participated in a brand-sponsored giveaway are more likely to purchase a product from that brand.

With MyFreebeez, you can unleash the power of free sample promotion to a responsive online audience, helping you stand out from the crowd, easily create new raving fans, and dramatically boost sales.

3 simple steps to more sales with MyFreebeez

  • 1

    Create Your Promotion

    With MyFreebeez, creating your promotion is as easy as giving us some simple information about your business and your offer. Once you create your offer, one of our live promotions experts will review it for approval (we may even offer suggestions for optimizing your giveaway).

  • 2

    Launch Your Offer

    Once your promotion is approved, it’s time to launch. We’ll display your offer on our site, send emails out to fans, and share it on social networks for you—all while creating incentives for entrants to share your promotion with everyone they know, creating optimal conditions for your contest to go viral.

  • 3

    Track Your Progress

    Tracking how people are responding to your offer lets you optimize your current and future giveaways for even better results. Our dashboard gives you a clear, easy-to-understand breakdown of both basic and advanced analytics (more on this below) for maximum insight and impact.

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What makes MyFreebeez stand out from the crowd?

  • Built-In Audience

    For optimal success, a giveaway promotion needs a responsive target audience. Yours is built right into our platform! We have more than 10,000 registered consumers in our user base (and following us on social media), creating the perfect conditions for your offer to be highly visible, talked about, and virally shared.

  • Advanced Analytics

    Knowledge equals profits. While other tools give you basic analytics like number of entries, shares, follows, and website visits—we take our tracking to the next level, giving you access to deeper insights through demographics of age, gender and location of all your entrants, so you can continue to create more targeted, finely-tuned offers that generate an increasing amount of revenue.

  • Consolation Offer

    Okay, so your promo is over, and there are a few lucky winners. But wouldn’t it be great if there were an easy way to please the other 99.9% of your fans who entered as well? We’ll send an email on your company’s behalf to all entrants who didn’t win, offering a special discount as your way of thanking them for participating in your promotion. Note: the consolation offer is always optional.

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More features to support your promotion

  • Unique Landing Page

    We’ll give your offer its own unique landing page and URL, making it easy to enter.

  • Tipping Point

    Encourage more engagement by upgrading the prize once a certain number of people enter (optional).

  • Web Traffic Options

    Entrants are funneled straight to your website or landing page as soon as they sign up.

  • Grow Your List

    We prompt each entrant to provide their email address to improve his or her odds of winning.

  • Incentivized Sharing

    Entrants can increase their chances of winning by engaging with and sharing your offer.

  • Featured Listings

    Have your offer featured on our contest page for maximum visibility and viral potential.

  • Private Listing Option

    Create a private promotion that’s only shown to people who click on a particular giveaway link.

  • Email Advertisements

    We’ll email our subscribers to let them know your promotion is underway as soon as you launch.

  • Widget

    Embed our spiffy widget on your site, so people can sign up directly from your page.

  • Verified Entrants

    We verify everyone who enters your contest, so entries are always 100% authentic.

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  • Basic analytics/reporting
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  • Advanced analytics/reporting
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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason you’re not 100% happy with MyFreebeez, just let us know within 30 days of your first bill, and we’ll be happy to refund your money in full—no strings attached.

Trip Albagdadi, Tat2x

“I was blown away by the response we received through our promotion with MyFreebeez. We accomplished every goal we wanted to including increased traffic to our site, more followers through our social media channels and boosting our brand awareness.”

Donna Kemmetmueller, Alexa's Angels

“We loved the opportunity that MyFreebeez gave us to broaden awareness of our brand and products. With our offer of a single product as a giveaway item, hundreds of new potential customers came to our site. Thanks, MyFreebeez!”