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About MyFreebeez.com

Have you ever been treated like you were special by a company or business?

On my 18th birthday, I received a package in the mail. It was a birthday present... from Gillette. Yes, the company (don't worry, I was surprised too!). To this day, I still remember it and more importantly, I still use Gillette products.

Also, one year on Thanksgiving, my neighborhood was hit really badly by a storm and had no power. So the local supermarket did something completely unexpected. They delivered boxes of their highest quality products to all the affected homes in the community. Of course, everyone thought they were awesome to do this. But do you know what I noticed several weeks later? Everyone in the community was hooked on these higher quality (and higher margin) products, so they kept buying them. And the supermarket kept profiting.

These two experiences contributed to my realization and "AHA" moment. Promoting via product giveaways works and it works really well.

MyFreebeez exists to recreate these moments and interactions for consumers and businesses. This online platform is the result of years of research and development. We are the only platform that allows businesses to create online giveaway promotions (with detailed analytics) and gives consumers the chance at winning tons of awesome prizes, completely free.

Whether you are just trying to win cool free stuff or a business looking to advertise in the most cost effective manner, you're in the right place! Please take a look around and be sure to contact us with any questions or comments. Good luck!